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TAOKE foucs on PV system monitoring and management. We supply PV data collectors and management platform www.smart-pv.net . You can manage your all plants or inverters of different brands on our website www.smart-pv.net .

Currently our products are compatible inverter brands: SMA、Danfoss、Power-one、SolarMax、Aero-sharp、Eversolar、Macsolar、Sungrow and constantly increasing .

For your monitoring system of PV plants running smoothly, please operate the system according to the instructions after you purchased our data collector.

Firstly, you should register on www.smart-pv.net as a user after buy data collector. Please register your email address for the user name.
1、Individual users
Please complete your enterprise information when you submit a PV plant prevent someothers registering the same enterprise. Then the name of enterprise is unique. The homepage of your enterprise is generated autoly by www.smart-pv.net when you complete the enterprise information. You can registe as individual user when you are manager of PV plants, owner or viewer.
2、 Enterprises (System integrators)
If you register as an enterprise user, please complete your enterprise information. The information will be showed on the homepage of your enterprise the website generating autoly.

2、 Submit a PV Plant

After you become a user of our website, you can submit your PV plants to the website. Before your submissiong, you should have the inverter brand, type,and s/n, the data collector typr, s/n. The submission should be completed before you test your PV system. Of course, you can submit your PV plant on site based on your PC accessing to the internet.

If you want to submit an installed PV plant, you should write down the inverter brand, type, s/n and address code ( The website will remind you whether you should set the address code on inverter or not according the brand and type. Solarmax and Macsolar inverters must set address code, the others should not. You should submit the plant to the website after you get data collector, then you can install the data collector on site.

The time of collecting data decided by PV plant real working time. We recommend the time is 05:00-20:00. It's the common running time of PV plant.

collecting invertal of PMU is 15 minutes for time being,you can set the interval if you have requirement.

After PV plant submission, you must authorize him plant manager ( only user of website can be authorized, you should do nothing but add an e-mail of the manager) when you want someone to test or manager the plant. Normally, 300 new installed PV plants are managed by one experienced manager, while 100 PV plants running longer than 2 years or more can be managed.

After testing PV plant, monitoring system running normally, the submitted can check the plant on website easily. Select the right plant, click then you enter the homepage of the plant. You have right to have different authorization levels in Access Management manu. ( only user of website can be authorized, you should do nothing but add an e-mail of authoized).

Please complete the information of PV plants and inverter soon after monitoring system running normally for more convenience.

An enterprise user can upload his own LOGO, business introduction after registering successfully. You can deside the information of PV plant publicly showing or not. (include name, system power, real-time power, daily power and so on)

3、 Installation of Data Collector

After submitting the PV plant, you can remote monitor and manage the plant on www.smart-pv.net based on correct installation of data collector. Please complete the information of PV plants and inverter soon after monitoring system running normally for more convenience.

The following is installation instructions for PV data collector of TK_G101:

PV plant data remote collector

TK-G101 Instruction


PV plant data remote collector collects the operation data, including inverter, atmosphere data, etc. by RS-485 and sends these data to website via GPRS so that user can check the plant running status by logging to website www.smart-pv.net.


1—GSM/GPRS antenna
2—power indicator
3—RS-485 communication indicator
4—GSM/GPRS status indicator
5—DC power socket
6—RS-485 socket
7—installation hole x 4

B、Technical data

collecting method:RS-422/485
collecting rate:4800~19.2Kbps
deliver method:GPRS
power loss:< 1W
operation temp:-10~55°C(14~131℉)
volume: 155×110×56 mm
installing method:tabletop or wall-mounting
operation environment: in-door use only, IP21


PV plant data remote collector should be installed where dry and ventilation are required in-door. It can be installed by wall mounting by the 4 plastic tubes and screws provided with it. Please check the GSM signal before installation. DO NOT install inside metal box or next to big metal material.

Connecting diagram between data collector and inverter

Connecting diagram

Connecting diagram between data collector and inverter

D、Indicator illustration

POWER:power indicator,green light appears when power supply is normal.
RS-485:data collecting status indicator. Blue light appears 100-200ms when collection.
GSM/GPRS: GSM/GPRS working indicator.
OFF: GSM/GPRS is not running.
64ms On/800ms Off: start to find the network
64ms On/3000ms Off: the network is linked
64ms On/300ms Off: GSM/GPRS communication

E、RS-422/485 foot pin illustration

8-Pin RJ45 Jack

RJ45 Pinouts RS-422/485
1 NC
2 NC
3 RS422 R+ (A2)
4 RS485 TR+ (A1)
5 RS485 TR- (B1)
6 RS422 R- (B2)

F、Trouble shooting

Symptom Analysis Handling
'POWER' does not appear DC power not connects in or get loose. Reconnecting power after checking the circuit.
Power adaptor malfunction Replace power adaptor.
"RS485" does not appear Data collecting unit does not work or abnormal. Power off 1 minute and then power on again. If no blinking at least 15 minutes, contact installing personnel.
Parameters' wrong or collect time was set too long Contact installing personnel.
"GSM/GPRS" indicator does not work Network disconnecting Check if there is signal with other mobile phones, if yes, disconnecting power for 1 minute, power on again to see if blinking is normal to find the network
SIM card not detected or illegal If blinking is abnormal in previous operation, follow '*', check SIM card
GSM/GPRS unit does not work or abnormal If indicator blinking still abnormal after previous two steps and power on again, contact installing personnel.
Indicating is normal, but no data on website Fault in connection between collector and inverter. Check the connection between collector and inverter, check the cable connection is well working, check if there is short circuit or out of shape for the RJ45 spring strip
  Parameter does not set correctly Let the installing personnel check the parameter set
  The equipment collected does not work or abnormal Contact installing personnel.。

'*': to check the sim card, you need to unfasten the 4 screws on the top of the collector, open the top cover then you can see the inside structure. Near the red indicator, there is a yellow button on the SIM card slot. Pressing it, then the black SIM card slot will pop up(, there is a seal strip on the slot which is to prevent loosen during transportation or dashes during usage, unfasten it before pressing the button). Check if the SIM card is damaged, then put it back to the slot with the chip in the upper side as shown below, re-seal it.

G、Spare parts

1.Power Adapter: DC9V/1A CE, 1Piece
2.RS485 line: 20m, only for connecting Macsolar inverter
3.plastic inflating tube and screws:
4pcs for wall mounting
Note: login on to wwww.smart-pv.net for more informations and instructions.

4、 FAQ

1、 Q:You haven't received the verification e-mail after registering?

A:Please check carefully your spam email. Sometime the verification e-mail can be sent to your spam folder.

2、 Q:How can I input several inverters for one plant?

A:Data collector factory default 1 inverter connected. You can contact us or our authorized dealers and pay the remaining inverters services cost before you submit the plant. We will provide you within 48 hours the services for the remaining inverters.

3、 Q:I only input 1 inverter info when submitting plant. But I had paid multiple services cost. What can I do?

A:Please click the "inverters list" button when you fill in quantity of inverters, then a form of right quantity will show on the page

4、 Q:A address code should fill in on website, whether the code should be set in inverter ?

A:You only need to do is set a random number (1-255) for no same number in one plant. ( Solarmax and Macsolar must manually set address codes in their inverters.)

5、Q:The website shows Data Collector Offline.

A:Please check the installation correct or not according the instructions. Showing "online" after right installation within 15 min. Please check the data collector s/n correct or not if showing "offline" yet.

6、 Q:Showing data collector "online", but there is no data showed on website.

A:Check the join of inverter and data collector correct or not, the LED of RS-485 on data collector correct or not (according the instructions) , please. Check the inverters brands, type, s/n and address codes when the hardwares are all right. Under normal circumstances, the data will be showed on website within 15 min. Please refresh the screen when you review.

7、 Q:How to set address code of Solarmax or Macsolar inverter ?

A:You should manually set address code of Solarmax or Macsolar inverter on their LCD on site according the installation instructions. The inverter s/n and address code must be the same with the info you fill in on website.

5、 Comments and Suggestions

Don't hesitate sending mails to our Custom Service Center :( info@smart-pv.net ), if you have any good suggestions. Thanks for your help.

6、 Order

If you are PV system integrator, please download:

TAOKE PV System Monitoring Center.PDF

If you want to learn more about our products and price, please mail to our Sales Dept. info@smart-pv.net

If your inverter don’t compatible to our data collector, contact our Tech Dept: info@smart-pv.net